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Give a Dog a Bone

Posted by
Mooie (Vancouver, Canada) on 20 November 2012 in Animal & Insect.

Even though I think it's wrong to feed another man's dog.... I insisted we offer our left overs to this handsome fella and his buddy. They'd been hanging out with us for over an hour with that look on his face.... Still, my traveling companion was against it and was super annoyed that I fished the leftover sausage ends out of the fire for them. I figured why waste food and if this cute guys' owner was really that worried about him getting table scraps he shouldn't let him wander around the campsite all day unsupervised.

I am not sure how or when, but posting on this blog has become my most accurate platform for creative expression. It's so inspiring to browse through other blogs and every comment is very appreciated!

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

Who could deny a tidbit to a face like that? Besides, you have a friend for life now.

20 Nov 2012 5:38am

@Steve Rice: I hope so! His face was very compelling... I think even more than the photo!

Stephen from Canberra, Australia

A friend for life! I like the background pattern of fallen leaves.

20 Nov 2012 7:03am

@Stephen: Thanks a lot!

omid from mashhad, Iran

:) very nice!
so beautiful colors!

20 Nov 2012 7:12am

@omid: Thanks a lot!

Learning Soul from Bangalore, India

The longing on his face ! Can understand why it was difficult for you to ignore.. Beautiful pic with the fallen leaves !

20 Nov 2012 8:02am

@Learning Soul: He sat like that the whole time!!

Devi from Chennai, India

That's a pretty pathetic expectant look in his eyes !! Of course you did the right thing Mooie.....
Lovely shot !!!

20 Nov 2012 8:18am

@Devi: Thanks for the support, Devi - I hope you are right!

Anna.C from LA ROCHELLE, France

Impossible to resist in so good glance ! I love this angle of view and the leaves around !

20 Nov 2012 9:01am

@Anna.C: I know, he (and his buddy) were super cute!

Lewis from Ljouwert, Netherlands

i like the blue tones in its fur

20 Nov 2012 9:13am

@Lewis: Haha thanks - I had to do something so you could see his expression

Basile Pesso from Paris, France

I like, and also the coming of the other one on the top left.

20 Nov 2012 9:56am

@Basile Pesso: Glad you said that... I did consider cropping it closer to the black/blue dog

gerard1948 from Santiago de Compostela, Spain

A blue dog? he is very cute, a very good friend. Do not make him wait, he wants his bones.
Have a nice day.

20 Nov 2012 10:06am

@gerard1948: Haha, no he is black... but the light I had you couldn't see his expression... so I played with the processing and this is what I came up with... a blue dog with sad eyes!

Othersideblue from Kerman, Iran

That look is irresistible! I'd do the same in your condition :-)

20 Nov 2012 10:13am

@Othersideblue: Cool. :-)

Melocoton from Salamanca, Spain

Lovely shot , wondeful dog, very nice mooie

20 Nov 2012 11:17am

@Melocoton: He really was a cuddly little fella!

Sarito from Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Lovely shot of this cute fella.. I would have done the same :)

20 Nov 2012 11:26am

@Sarito: Good to know, thanks!

Nicou from Sion, Switzerland

Charmant ce chien noir dans les belles feuilles colorés

20 Nov 2012 11:39am

@Nicou: merci. oui il était très avec du charme !

Akbar&Armaghan from Gorgan, Iran

beautiful photo

20 Nov 2012 11:53am

@Akbar&Armaghan: Thanks!

shecoufehkhalili from Iran

very nice dog . very nice shot

20 Nov 2012 12:01pm

@shecoufehkhalili: Thanks a lot!

|\Mohammad/| from Tehran, Iran

Strange and special look of the dog.

20 Nov 2012 12:47pm

@|\Mohammad/|: He does look a little strange in blue!

Arash from Brisbane, Australia

Super framed!!!!

20 Nov 2012 1:19pm

@Arash: Thank you!

Doug from Burnham-on-Sea, United Kingdom

What a cute look, there's no way you could ignore him

20 Nov 2012 1:44pm

@Doug: I know, right?!

Abena from Illinois, United States

ohh that's really cute, he has such a beautiful coat and I agree with Doug there was no way you could ignore him! I like the colours in this shot, the leaves too :)

20 Nov 2012 1:54pm

@Abena: Haha, I'm just glad I wasn't alone in thinking it was okay to feed him. Eventually! Thanks for the comment

pascale from Brussels, Belgium

please play with me :)
great shot

20 Nov 2012 2:24pm

@pascale: I gave him lots of cuddles!

ordinaryimages from Kentucky Bluegrass, United States

He would probably dug the sausages out when you left ; ] best…jf

20 Nov 2012 3:09pm

@ordinaryimages: Probably... though they were tossed into a still burning fire!

tataray from france, France

Ne peux pas résister à une saucisse le beau chien !.... ))

20 Nov 2012 4:20pm

@tataray: J'ai décidé qu'il l'a mérité

Rick from Toronto, Canada

Impossible to say "no" to such a wide open soul's eyes. Very nice composition and I like the saturation and beautiful colour of this pooch.

20 Nov 2012 5:21pm

@Rick: Thanks... hard to get a good tone on him and still make out the expression! And it's funny you say his wide open soul... he was VERY tuned in to my friend and I.... while the other pooch was much more aloof.

outsidersworld from everywhere, Germany

If a dog looks so sweet, it's hard to resist giving him nothing. Sometimes you should not give it. A beautiful photo with interesting colors.

20 Nov 2012 7:14pm

@outsidersworld: I know, I know! But he was with us for over an hour.... he wore me down :-)

RBL from Oxford, United States

Aww, the eyes say it all! Wonderful shot with the leaves carpeting the ground!

20 Nov 2012 8:13pm

@RBL: I know, irresistible, right? Thanks for the comment :-)

Ruthiebear from Tituhsville, NJ, United States

AWW! WHo could resist that face? What a glimmering color of that dog - almost blue-ish.

20 Nov 2012 8:27pm

@Ruthiebear: Ha, well, I sure couldn't resist :-) I kind of processed him blue-ish so you could see that face of his. He is black as night

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States


20 Nov 2012 10:52pm

@john4jack: Thanks!

maurizio jaya costantino from Trieste, Italy

my kids loved a beautiful story called "Cane blu" :-)

20 Nov 2012 11:04pm

@maurizio jaya costantino: I will have to google it to know how the story goes... I'm so curious! Thanks for the link by the way!!

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

I'm with you on that one. ;-)

21 Nov 2012 1:31am

@B. Thomas: cheers!

Nelida De La Fuente from Tres Arroyos, Argentina

Good gesture Mooie yours ... You showed your good feelings ... No matter the opinion of others .. I would have done the same with "man's best friend." Sweet capture with excellent color and light. Have a good journey.

21 Nov 2012 4:09am

@Nelida De La Fuente: I'm glad I'm not alone, thanks for the comment!

Basile Pesso from Paris, France

@Mooie : that would also be an interesting possibility.

21 Nov 2012 8:38am

@Basile Pesso: I was alright... but he looked more forlorn when there was more surrounding and he was smaller in the frame. In my opinion :-)

maurizio jaya costantino from Trieste, Italy

21 Nov 2012 8:47am

@maurizio jaya costantino: :D

kiwisa from North Shore, New Zealand

Ha ha - I bet he is a great help in the garden.

21 Nov 2012 10:13pm

@kiwisa: Absolutely... if you dropped a sausage in the garden and wanted to remove it!