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Scary Thing
8 April 2017

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9 October 2013

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The Flip Side
18 December 2012

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The Musician
5 November 2012

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Dream Boat
10 October 2012

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Summer Sky
1 October 2012

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West Pender
4 August 2012

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Bleeding Heart
19 June 2012

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15 April 2010

Recent Comments

Rick on Always
I love the sense of motion and that sweet blue note in the middle of the image.

Steve Rice on Always

mauro brando on Always
Nice! Peaceful image!

Devi on Guitar Man
Good portrait !

Devi on Where I Come From
Great shot !!!!

Devi on The Skies I'm Under
wow...a fantastic capture here !

Devi on Scary Thing
great mood here ! The storm is brewing !

Devi on Always
amazing patterns !

L'Angevine on Always
c'est du bon travai

omid on Scary Thing
such beautiful composition, lights & clouds! Amazing atmosphere!

L'Angevine on Scary Thing
bon travail

Steve Rice on Scary Thing
It's easy to see where the wind comes from. A beautiful B&W capture.

Steve Rice on The Skies I'm Under
Beautiful clouds! Good to see you back.

L'Angevine on The Skies I'm Under

Anne on The Skies I'm Under

Rick on The Skies I'm Under
Beautiful wind striations and a muted moody colour field.

omid on The Skies I'm Under
such beautiful clouds, colors & lights! Lovely sky!

Rick on Where I Come From
An instant tug at my heart strings, looking at this tremendously beautiful and primal view. Our western province haunts ...

Baldwin VW on Where I Come From
Wonderful layers and contrasts... Fabulous shot !!!

omid on Where I Come From
such beautiful composition, layers & atmosphere! Amazing view!

Guillaume on What Remains
Gosh. I can't believe there are so many comments !! So who's that blurred guy then ???

Rick on Guitar Man
Nice tight framing, lighting, and subject matter!

Connie on Here Lies
In the archives his name is spelled Baine. That's all I've found.

Abena on I Got Carried Away
I so dig the vibe off of this song :-) it gives the image a very youthful feeling. Very in the moment...perfect !

Abena on Guitar Man
you have a very story telling way of shooting your intimate portraits. I love this one. It's got feeling in it; ...

maurizio costantino on It Reminds Me
ciao Mooie!

Shaahin Bahremand on Guitar Man
good shot

L'Angevine on Guitar Man

Steve Rice on Guitar Man
A neat shot of this fellow and his guitar.

Dimitrios on Guitar Man
very good*moody*

Abena on It Reminds Me
I love the wistful, youthful, hipster feeling here ... ^_^ kind of makes me feel like the best memories of a young soul ...

L'Angevine on It Reminds Me

Melocoton on It Reminds Me
wonderful ligth, wonderful shot, bravo mooie

Steve Rice on It Reminds Me
Cool shapes, light, and boats.

omid on It Reminds Me
very nice shot with beautiful composition, tone & lighting! Lovely!

L'Angevine on I Got Carried Away
oh superbe

Steve Rice on I Got Carried Away
Glad you got carried back. Beautiful image.

omid on I Got Carried Away
woooooooow! very niec shot! such beautiful frame, focus, DOF, colors, lighting & textures! L O V E L Y !!!!

Adela Fonts on I Got Carried Away
Awesome! I love it!

Steyners on I Got Carried Away
Wonderfully captured .. interesting arresting image ..

Shaahin Bahremand on I Got Carried Away
excellent shot

Dimitrios on I Got Carried Away
A fresh frame indeed

Aubélia on I Got Carried Away
This is very beautiful

Adela Fonts on Turf Crew Season 2

Abena on Ladies Room - Amen
i think the ladies room has the best advice haha!

Abena on Intermission
i think im a sleepy sun fan now...thankssss!

Abena on Ladies Room - Real Reason
I freakin love the image and the song. Makes me kinda dizzy, in a good way's kinda moody too, I love ...

Abena on The Harpoonist and the Matinee
moody and very fun. I see this and think friends, community, sing a longs and a good time. funky sounds too which I ...

Abena on The Shape I Am In
wooah! This kinda confuses many ways it can be interpreted in too! feels like a moody flashback to way back ...

Abena on Turf Crew Season 2
absolutely lovely!! the free floating dream feel this leaves me with is just gorgeous xD

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